Innovative risk management solutions

Who We Are

Contingency Concepts is a leading provider of full-spectrum security services. We provide our clients with practical options to properly protect their assets, employing a wide range of security solutions that are both affordable and effective in mitigating any potential risk.

What We Do

Provide industry leading security services, consulting and training for a variety of clientele including legal firms, corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and private individuals.

Why We're Chosen

Our multidisciplinary team boasts some of the most experienced security professionals in the business. We continuously strive to provide our clients with the most professional and effective security solutions on the market.

We're more than security, we're peace of mind.


Risk Advisory Services

Combining cutting edge AI analysis techniques with years of industry experience, our team has the capability to provide clients with exceptional insight into any potential risk scenario.

Corporate Investigations

Roughly 60% of all fraud is perpetrated by an employee or other insider in a given organization. CC, Inc. employs a multitude of experienced investigators ranging in disciplines to effectively and efficiently identify any breach.

Security Risk Management

Regardless of the topography of your organizations environment, we stand at the ready. From fields of high value crops to multi-level office buildings, we have the expertise to excel.

Protection Services

We provide physical and remote protection services for a variety of scenarios. We understand the unique nature of each client's demands are well equipped for any risk mitigation requirements.

Threat Response Services

From natural disasters to employee strikes, we've got you covered. We understand how unforeseen catastrophes can affect your bottom line.

Protective Intelligence

Every situation doesn't always require "boots on the ground". At Contingency Concepts we combine strategy and tactics with technology and location based intelligence to consistently stay ahead of potential risk.


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